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Car Leasing New York

Car Leasing New York

Factors To Consider For Car Leasing In New York

There are so many factors to consider for car leasing in New York. You should not think about only cruising it. There are a lot of terms guiding car leasing in New York. Although different companies offering car leasing in New York offer different terms and conditions, there are some basic rules that cut across all car leasing companies. Here are what to consider.


When you lease a car, you are not at liberty to drive it as long as you want. It is for a particular period with a certain mileage cap. So, leased car should be driven to limited places. In order words, it is better to lease a car for a particular purpose. If care is not taken, you may hit a quarter of the stipulated mileage in a few weeks. The lessor will be hoping that you exceed the agreed mileage so that he can charge you more.

Take the time to consider the mileage. It is better if you find out the distance of the locations you intend to go with the car and multiply the distance by how many times you hope to go there. Remember, you also need to add some extra mileage as an emergency could also occur.

You are responsible to damages, wear and tear

You should also bear in mind that damages and excess wear and tear on the vehicle or any missing part will lead to additional charges. The problem with car damage is that if it occurs, it may not be your fault. A drunk driver could just run into you or scratch your car. You should put the possibility into consideration too.

You are responsible for the car insurance

Do you also realize that you should be responsible for the insurance? There may be other costs like taxes, security deposit and other fees that will make the initial payment higher than expected. It all boils down to one thing. Consider all the charges and terms before you sign. It becomes a contract once you sign.

Consider your needs and your style of car usage

Despite all the fees and seemingly unfriendly terms, some people still prefer to lease. Leasing suits their life style. For instance, if you are the careful type that pampers your car like a baby and loves to change it after a couple of years, leasing should be your best bet. If you have to buy your own car, you might not be able to sell it at the right price.

With the way you handle cars, it will still be pretty new after just two years but nobody will buy it at a price close to new. However, if you the type that can drive your car through anything and you also love to hold on to the car for decades, leasing simply isn’t for you. It will run you into debt. But car lessors actually prefer clients like you because they will definitely make close to the cost of another car off you.


It is better to go home with the terms and conditions to study them carefully before either rejecting the deal or accepting it. At least, you will know what to expect. It is important that you should check the terms of at least three companies before selecting one. Don’t just settle for the first one you come across. There might be better deals out there.


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