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Our company has a long tradition of providing our auto customers with the best leasing deals on a variety of cars of all makes and models. We are lifetime residents of NJ, New York, and NYC, and we have great relationships with auto wholesalers, dealers, and other automotive professionals. This helps us make the process of leasing a car as easy and as desirable for our customers as possible. Our professionals help hardworking New York driver secure great cars, whether they are a first-time or repeat customer — and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our regular specials as well. We are always getting new inventory, so if leasing a car is not on your radar at this exact moment, keep an eye on our site at High End Auto Leasing. We’ll keep you informed when your potential terms are at their absolute most favorable, and we’ll help you find the car that suits you best.

The NYC Lease Market is Tough.

Let Our NJ Leasing Pros Guide You

We know just as well as any of our customers how difficult it can be to find a good, solid special on an auto leasing deal – especially in the NY and NJ area. We strive to deliver a customer service environment where our customers can feel comfortable knowing that they’ve found a partner who is willing to go to bat for them. We’ll ensure that our New York customers have the best possible chance of finding exceptional leasing deals. Our customers keep coming back to us for years because they know that we offer the best auto leasing deals in the entire NYC area. If you want to lease a car, your search has ended with High End Auto Leasing – you simply won’t find a company with lower prices or a higher standard of service anywhere in the entire New York and New Jersey area.

We Earn Our NYC Customers’ Trust with

Great New York Lease Deals

Our work is to make sure that our New York customers leave with complete satisfaction with their car leasing situation. That might be the start of a new lease, the termination of an old one, or perhaps just browsing to see what car leasing specials are out there, with an eye at pursuing one soon. No matter your preference for lease deals in NJ, we can help you accomplish your car leasing goals. We have been in the business for years, and we have seen it all, so don’t worry-we can help you get behind the wheel of the car that’s right for you, at a price that you will love. Our NYC based service team won’t stop at anything less, and it is this mentality that has been the guiding principle of our car leasing company for years. The enviable results and the repeat customers speak for themselves, so keep checking back in with our team, and see how we can help you get the best lease out there.

What people say About Us?

I surprised my wife with a brand-new Lexuz RX from High End Auto Lease. She was so surprised. They gave me such a great deal and delivered the car to our house when she was at work. I would recommend Auto Lease New York to everyone who wants a cheap new car lease deal. Simply shop at your leisure their website.

Jere Lindsay

Miguel at High End Auto Lease was excellent when I leased my new Acura. He arranged everything and made it easy. I was approved in an hour and had my car the same day. Incredible experience!

Antone Waylon

I was very happy with the service we received when we leased our new Lexus RX350. Everything wend so smoothly. I would recommend a new car lease from High End Auto Lease to anyone.

Monica faruk5

I never thought I would be driving a new Cadillac CT6 but High End Lease made it possible with an affordable new car lease. I always wondered what A real luxury car was like and now I know firsthand. Thank you, High End Auto Lease York for making it happen.

Emily Lindagfc

We leased a brand-new Honda CRV from High End Auto Lease with just a look on line and a phone call. Roger was extremely helpful in finding the car we wanted. He even had it delivered to our home.

Robert Mark